Two birds with one stone?

As someone that likes to write as much as I like to draw, some of my favorite blogs to read are ones done by illustrators. I can have interesting things to read with cool things to look at all in one place. I recently stumbled upon a new blog, and came upon this post from 2011 that I found particularly interesting. It’s called “Why artists and illustrators should blog” and it made some great points.

Having a blog about your work sets you apart from someone that has just a gallery of photos of theirs. It also allows people interested in your art to get to know you a bit better, get to know your voice and what you’re all about. Not only that, blogging about your art makes you think more about the meanings within it, your motives for creating it, your process, and so on.

So, any thoughts? What would draw you in more, a photo gallery or a blog based on the artist’s work?

One thought on “Two birds with one stone?

  1. I think that (as an viewer of art blogs) I get dragged in more by the galleries, but the descriptions make it so much better. If artists are able to combine blogs and galleries on the same webpages, then even more power to them!

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